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The Roots Curriculum

The Roots curriculum is a whole school community approach to teaching our children social, emotional and behavioural aspects of learning.
As a federation, our vision is for all our children to be globally aware, confident, successful learners who within our ambitious and forward thinking environments, will develop a secure sense of self worth. Our Roots curriculum is at the heart of that vision.


Just as children need to be taught lifelong skills such as reading and mathematics, so too do they need to be equipped with the skills, attitudes and characteristics to help them deal positively with the many varied social, emotional challenges that they will encounter. If the global pandemic has taught us anything it’s how important these skills are in facing and overcoming challenges.


Our Roots curriculum has been designed specifically to support and promote strong foundations for social, emotional and behavioural development and will teach the children the specific skills they need to pave a way towards a lifetime of success, fulfillment and happiness in an inclusive society. It aims to promote positive behaviours, emotions and relationships for all children. The Roots curriculum encompasses our school values, PSHE objectives, growth mindset, no outsiders, wellbeing resources and the Hampshire 6 strands of behaviour.

We organise this learning by having a half termly focus. Throughout each half term children are taught specific skills in the chosen Roots area and children are celebrated for showing these skills during the school day by being chosen to wear a badge for a day.


We also like to get parents involved at home too. Please find attached our Parent Information sheets with ideas of how you can help at home.